Saturday, November 24, 2012

A daring adventure

Challenges need rules. And rewards. Otherwise they would just be ideas, bounced between people in corridors and over lunch breaks.
A few weeks ago I had a well deserved catch up with an old friend from university and he challenged me to get out of my comfort zone. My comfort zone is a zone that is really really comfortable and safe and warm and happy and all kinds of warm fuzzy things... But it doesn't make me happy. I wasn't born for comfort and safe and warm and fuzzy. I was born for adventure and excitement and new things.

We decided to start the challenge as soon as both of us were done with our exams. As luck would have it, we both finished on the same day and tonight we had a dinner celebrating it and laying down the rules for THE CHALLENGE.

So this is what has been decided:

Target: People of the opposite sex. For me guys, for him girls.

Start date: Tomorrow (24th of November 2012)

End date: February, 28th 2013

The rules: We will be working with a point system. It was also decided that the whole challenge needed to be built on trust. I need to trust him to be honest with me (something that is incredibly hard for me to do) and he needs to trust me to be honest with him (I am the most honest person in the world. My conscience has gotten me into trouble so many times.....) and we can only go on each other's words. (Serious challenge right there!)

 Points will be assigned as follows:

- For introducing yourself to someone without any help from anyone else: 1 point
- Making a conversation with someone new for more than 5 minutes: 2 points
- Becoming Facebook friends: 3 points
- Inviting the person out as part of a group activity: 4 points
- Going out, for example on a coffee date: 5 points

Of course should you introduce yourself to someone and later on have a coffee date, that whole encounter counts as 5 points.

The reward:
Should I win, he will take me to Stellenbosch market and wine tasting for the day. (With a friend should I so choose)
Should he win, I have to buy tickets for a cricket match (And actually go with him to watch it...)

If nothing else, this is going to be a great opportunity for both of us to grow. What he does, is up to him, but be sure that I will keep you updated with my progress every step of the way.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  - Helen Keller

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